Create a better life.

“Black lives matter.”
Has become the motto for citizens all across the country for a few years now.

City after city police have been involved in the deaths of many African American young adults across the country.
“Save our kids.” Right?

Well first we have to take a deeper look into the issue at hand. “Greenleaf” a new show that premiered on OWN, focused on a similar incident involving the death of an African American man while in police custody after being shot by an African American police officer.

Over the past few months Baltimore much like the fictional depiction in the show Greenleaf has experienced that impact of police shootings. However, Greenleaf focused on all sides of the story the job done by the officer as well as the impact of the death on the community. Cases like this are sensitive.. The media provides people with a story, a point of view. But, here’s what to do with situations like this gather all the facts. Make your own view not just one that is presented to you.

So as for Baltimore we are continuing to heal and the process will be slow. We will never forget what happened, however we can use it as a lesson. So let’s learn! Learn how to be more compassionate and loving to one another. We can stop such deaths and save all lives. See Greenleaf said “black deaths matter.” Not just the lives and the media realized when there’s a death more than a life. In closing live your life the best way that you know how.



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