Greenscape: A Celebration


imageOn 4/30 , The office of sustainability held the annual event known as”Greenscape”. The main goal of the event is to celebrate schools who have taken part in the ‘Green, Healthy, Smart Challenge’ grant program. The event included organizations like Real Food Farm, Baltimore Energy Challenge, Parks and People etc. These organizations had their own tables set up with specific activities¬†sought to motivate the students that took part in the event. Tree Baltimore gave out trees so that everyone would have a chance to plant a tree while Land of Kush had sample cornbread everyone could taste. Also, we used the event to our advantage as well as we got feedback from the attendees. Specifically, we asked “what is your biggest concern for Baltimore city?” on a poster board and allowed everyone to choose things like crime and safety, food, water, conservation etc

I enjoyed the event mainly because if felt like a family cook-out with everyone dancing running around and taking pictures with Turtle. All people in the same area with the same motives; to make Baltimore a sustainable and liveable place.


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