Bag Ban Rally!!

You can’t change the discussion if you are not a part of the conversation. As you may know there is a lot of discussion focused on the bag ban. Impacts of the ban include: a reduced rate of litter, this ban will be funded by tax payers and will cut costs on bags for retailers. There is an upcoming event for all interested students and supporters to get involved. On February 9th, Waterfront Partnership will be traveling to Annapolis for the Bag Ban rally. Waterfront Baltimore has invited all interested students to attend! We’ll leave Baltimore at 7am, meeting at the Canton Waterfront Park. We’ll be back by 11am. To learn more information about the event click the link below. Free breakfast is provided. COME OUT AND BE A PART OF THE CONVERSATION!

TEACHERS: If you or your students are interested in attending and need assistance with transportation, contact as soon as possible.


Look out there are great things to come….

I hope that everyone has been enjoying the lovely snow here in Baltimore. The Snow hasn’t stopped us though the Green Schools Team has been busy planning and promoting events that are quickly approaching. On Wednesday we continued to promote The Bag Ban Rally that will be held in Annapolis on Feb 9th check out our previous blog for more information. Our time has been consumed with planning a Youth Leadership Retreat, for students in Baltimore. The purpose of this event is to allow students to understand the connections between the social and environmental needs of a community. The retreat will include panel discussions by experts in the field and many non-profits. Breakfast, lunch, and snacks will be provided. If this is something that you may be interested in continue to check her or contact us for more information. In addition to planning this event we are also preparing to travel to Ocean City for the MAEOE Conference next month!! This is going to be a wonderful opportunity for us to learn more about various environmental concerns and projects. So as we prepare for the conference I will be sure to blog so that you all can stay informed. In spite of all of the snow we travel to a local café to enjoy some tasty treats and received some very exciting news that we did not have school!! How great is that. After we enjoyed our tasty treats we attended a Tree Baltimore Meeting. This was my FIRST time attending a Tree Baltimore. Tree Baltimore is an organization that helps to provide tress to be planted in Baltimore and has outreach projects for citizens to get involved. Tree Baltimore understands the importance of community involvement and wants to engage citizens. The Tree Baltimore Meeting was very exciting, a wonderful opportunity to network and enjoy a delicious meal. If you would like to become involved with Tree Baltimore information is posted below!

To Contact tree Baltimore Check out their website!!!

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How to Lobby

On January 11, 2016 we hosted a training on how to lobby at the aquarium! A presentation was given about how to lobby by Sarah Elfreth! What is lobbying?!! Lobbying is a way to influence decisions made by legislators.  Sarah shared her presentation with a group and it was follow by a question and answer! Sarah shared information about the history and mission of the aquarium and the goals of a lobbyist! Important highlights include the relevance of the aquarium in economic, education, and conservation progress! The aquarium has been able to provide various services for the citizens of Baltimore! This was the first training of the year, the next training will be in February! The presentation on lobbying was followed by a FREE TOUR OF THE AQUARIUM!! How awesome is that!

If you have any questions about lobbying please contact Sarah Elfreth at

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New Year, More Green?

Happy New Year to everyone! I know most people are thinking about New Years Resolutions … whether it includes  weight goals,  less technology or even being more in touch with the community – I can tell you that all of your goals fit into living sustainbly thus assisting with sustainability. Want to be more healthy? Eat more organic food from local farms ; with this youre helping your local economy . Want to be more socially conscious and become aware of the things going on around you ? Join a green project in your community , or even become a facilitator.  Want to use less technology?   Go on a hike! The possiblities are endless and you’re the only one limiting your contribution to Baltimore’s sustainability.  My Green-Resolution is to compost more so I can contribute to local farms . The point Is the New Year is a fresh start , so why not help Baltimore become a fresh city?