Meeting with Environment Club members at Poly

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope that everyone is enjoying this wonderful day. On Tuesday we visited Poly to meet with the Environment Club. Poly was our first stop of the year to talk with students about upcoming events and plans for the year. The discussion was filled with excitement and thought provoking questions that engaged the students. Although Poly was the first stop we will be visiting other schools as well, so look out because we may be visiting your school soon. With that in mind remember that The Office of Sustainability has a lot of connections and can provide students with opportunity that they have never imagined! ┬áKeep this in mind, “Small opportunities are often the beginning of great achievements.” – Anonymous

Have a great day and remember to make opportunities!

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Commission on Sustainability Meeting

On November 17, 2015 The Baltimore Office of Sustainability held a meeting on transportation. In 2009 Baltimore created a plan for sustainability. November 17ths meeting was based around the section of transportation. Various ideas were presented such as improvements to public transportation, zipcar expansion, and improvements in biking. Multiple analysis spoke about each section. Meeting highlights include the Ride Baltimore Program which allows for Baltimore citizens who walk, bike, or use transit two days a week are offered a free taxi ride to take them home. The Department of Transportation has set five goals:

  1. Improve Services
  2. Bike and Pedestrian Improvements
  3. Car share and Zipcar
  4. Improve Equity of Transportation
  5. Increase Funds

Mr. Brian O’Malley spoke about Baltimore’s transit rating, the city relieve a D AVERAGE! YES, a D AVERAGE. Mr. O’Malley distributed a packet of information on ways to improve Baltimore’s grade. Let’s not end on a sour note now it’s time to talk about some exciting things that are coming to the city!! Baltimore is expanding on the Bike Share program, creating bus only and bike lanes in certain high traffic areas of the city! So look out and be aware for these new exciting features! Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend and I hope that you consider using the various transportation methods in the city!



Food and Nutrition Meeting at North Ave.

     Usually when I hear about North ave. school district building , I think of angry parents calling and flooding the phone lines. Today I attended a meeting about the school meal initiatives as I got a better understanding of the process that lives beyond my schools kitchen . Of course the USDA creates healthy criteria Baltimore city schools must follow , but are they affective? The goals of the presentation are very important as they include :

  • Quality 
  • Participation
  • Accountability 

     As far as quality , the food and nutrition department of the school system must balance healthy foods that meet USDA guidelines as well as look appealing. The big question is “what will students eat ?” 

    You msy be wondering about the participation pice and how it fits as a goal , I was curious at first as well . However the department needs staff and students to help with feedback and turning plans into reality. Ideas such as “breakfast after the bell” require participation and voices to help students receive breakfast even if they are late .

    Finally there is accountability as staffing and infrastructure are a big deal in food and nutrition services. Some schools need technological updates more than others so they can produce and distribute better foods in more efficient ways . Having staff to cooperate with the infrastructure is important as well as they assist with the numbers as well.

      One thing I found important was the main goal for the Nutrition team which is that “every child must eat” taking this beyond a school matter but a moral matter as far as solving problems within humanity . Trying to make our Food healthier & taste better is the challenge because big industrial companies profit off of selling the city death sentences to feed us students. 



City ‘s Environmental Club

This passed week (Thursday specifically) I sat in on an Environmental club meeting at my school in order to get an idea of what our standings were as far as environment awareness and service . As soon I walked in and introduced myself the club’s leader and the schools biology teacher , Ms.Gordon , knew who I was. I was thankful that she knew what I was going to ask about . I talked to 4 sophomores who told me City is actually developing projects for the Green School Application. This is interesting because I was not aware of my schools environmental service / engagement efforts. 


What a time to paint the city GREEN!!

Students at Baltimore Polytechnic Insutitute wore green today in support of environment and green day! This event was organized by the schools Environment Club, members including Claire and Kyle asked for support from all students. When asked about why exactly they wanted to have a green day, they responded by saying to raise awareness and promote the importance of the environment! Cudos to Poly’s Environment Club, and Poly students who wore green today in support of the cause!


A New Vision

Happy Friday!!

Hello Everyone!

On Monday, November 9, 2015 The Green Team attended a meeting at The Zeta Center to discuss Sustainability and how to educate and engage more people in the cause. The room was packed with various people from all over the city who wanted to contribute their ideas about sustainability and the role of the people. So on that note, Whay exactly is sustainability?!? Do you know? Well in simple terms sustainability is meeting the economic, social, and environmental needs for the community while also thinking about future generations needs as well. With that definition in mind we took the night to brain storm ideas about how to reach out to the community through The Baltimore Office of Sustainability, and The Baltimore Community Foundation. During the meeting various ideas were presented such as the role of the youth, adults, and ways to promote and engage the community. Within the upcoming weeks I will keep you posted on what’s going on but if you have any suggestions feel free to leave a comment.

– Pamela

Soar like only the birds know how

In response to Ashley’s earlier post about success, I believe that it is important discuss the importance of perseverance. As Scott’s school garden at Hamilton has taught us to do something great it takes time. Hamilton was not Scott’s first school that he tried to establish a garden at however when he arrived at Hamilton he was greeted with overwhelming support! Scott never gave up because he had a vision and wanted to do something great for not only his students, but the community, as well as the environment. Students at Hamilton elementary have learned so much thanks to a dedicated teacher who never gave up. Keep doing what you are doing Hawks because we all know that birds are meant to soar and no obstacle or situation can hold you back. Everyone faces challenges like at the Poly- city game yesterday some may believe that you have been defeated and won’t be able to grow, but it’s not about that it’s about the lessons you learn and what you do in spite of your setbacks! So Hamilton Hawks I say to you as a fellow bird, “Keep flying although there will be people who try to clip your wings let that energy power you to do great things in which you should do passionately.” -Pamela